I hate interview!I hate presentation!It makes me feel like butterfly in my stomach!huhuhuhu.When i'm nervous its make me wanna go to toilet for many times!erghh!
Its ok!I noe u can do it Dee!Believe in urself!If u believe in urself everything will be ok ;)
(sedapkan hati!)
When its call an interview it is the time to up and praise urself!Hahahaha.This sort of thing that i hate much.Because im not good enough in public speaking and to praising myself.(nak up diri yang xbape nk up ni..manela x payah!)
Here i show u all what I will fooling around with my own words tomorrow answering all the interviewers.I think around seven person will be the interviewers.I tot all this questions are the common question in interview session.Hope sooo...huhuhuhu!~

Q:  What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
A: Like other normal human,i also have several strengths and weakness. My strengths are, can handle  working in pressure,can deal very well working in team,can communicate well,give full commitment to my work,and responsible .While my weakness are nervous problem and not have enough experience in research field.

QTell us about your goals
A:  My goals is to finish my master in 2years time with excellent and give contribution and benefits to the country,society and UTHM from the output of my research. After that i want to give my service to the industry and contribute to the country using my skills and knowledge that I gain.

Q: Why do you think you are the right candidate to receive scholarship?
A: Because my pointer support and i think i'm qualified. Especially because im from moderate family and it would be nice if i can help my father with paying my own fees by scholar. Furthermore i think my project or research can give benefits to human,environment and country.Beside, i have high responsibility, fighting spirit and im work hard to gain my goals.

Not need to have a long answer and explanation rite.Let be short but solid!Interview will be in English thats y i'm practicing write my entry today in English!Huahuahua!
Sorry for the lack of vocab and upside down of the grammar.kuikuikui!



good luck dayah!




ika:huhuhuhu mekaseh!~
eip:stylo?stylo jadah..ampeh!MENDIANG!!ahahahah

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