Assalammualaikum and Good Morning. First of all my research title is E-WASTE IMPACT REDUCTION THROUGH ANALYSIS AND REDISTRIBUTION OF DISASSEMBLY. This research objectives are to investigate the design process, disassembly (dismantling) stage and studying about the chosen electronic product, study problems that fully recovery e-waste license contractors  facing during the dismantle and disassembly step in recycling process, design and fabricate a new model of the chosen electronic product. 

          This research was propose because as human we produce around 30,000 tonnes of waste everyday and only 5% was recycled, while the rest end up in landfills around the country. Thats why the demand for waste recycling standards are crucial. All this scenario and problems occur because of several reason.Firstly most of manufacturers not consider the potential of recycling in the designing and manufacture product. Secondly products that we consume are made from resources that are fast depleting. Then landfills too fast running out of space. Lastly, specific standards in design factor for waste recycling industry in Malaysia are not available.

         Thus the scope of this research are review and observe the scenario and status of e-waste management in the world and importantly in Malaysia, Available framework, standards or legislation of waste management in Malaysia. Study the production flow.Design the new model or prototype of the chosen electronic product focus on the disassembly step in a way to improve the product. Analysis using Design for Assembly(DFA) and Design for Manufacturing(DFM) software.

          Methodology for this research as shown in this poster, for now we had just going through the number one and two of the step. After all the review and survey we will going through the next step. Before we go through, several case study was proposed as can we see here in poster. After considering several factors we decided that refrigerator's part will be our case study which is compressor, the main and important part. 

          From this research the impact or the contribution can be achieve are, waste minimization and reduce bad impact to the environmental and human health, easier, reduce cost and time of recycling process, cost efficiency and functionality of the whole design, anticipate manufacturing costs early and make infrormed trade-off regarding the costs of producing multifunctional, streamlined design.

P/s: if any enquiry please ask to PM Dr Yusri ;p


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