Lagi 2mingu lebih kurang aku nak berangakat ke China
Program Mobility Universiti
Nape aku tak rase excited sangat ek?
Pelik nye!!!
Biasenye bab2 jalan ni aku teruja terlebeh
Eceh gune word teruja la seh!!
Tersangat la pelik..
Dah la first time nak gi over da sea ni..
Pastu aku leh rase suam2 kuku jek..
Aura nye lom tibe kot!Huuuuu!
Meh kiter tengok tentatif serbe ringkas kat China tuh nanti.

Great Wall of China             

Peking University

Forbidden City

First Day of Kuala Lumpur - Hong Kong - Tianjin - Beijing (MM)
Upon arrival at Tianjin Airport, participants will be received by our officers. The participants will be brought to the city of Beijing.

Second Day
After breakfast, participants will be brought to the visit to Tsing hua University. The program will be made by the UTHM& Tsing hua University. In the evening participants will be brought back to the hostel. Then go to Night Market

Third day 
After breakfast, participants will be brought Visit to Beijing University of Technology (programs will be done by the UTHM& Beijing University.

Fourth Day of the Great Wall of China 
After breakfast, you will be taken at Jade and Silk Center to view art goods from the famous jade in China. Then, go to Crystal Sho. Before lunch, participants will look at the making of a tembika. Then visit the Great Wall of China. In a way back will stop at Baofuling. Travel to Beijing, dinner provided.

Fifth Day of Tiananmen Square - Forbidden City
After breakfast, we will tour the Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City.Then visit to the Mosque Naujie. After prayer, you will be taken to the Rehabilitation Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Herbal Research Centre). After that, you will see the full Acrobatic Performance with suspense and thrilling action. 

Sixth day visit to the City Beijing
After breakfast, participants will be taken to see Fresh Water Pearl Center exhibition where products of freshwater muatiara after that tasting natural tea from china at the Tea House for tea.Pray at the mosque Nuijei oldest mosque in Beijing, then shopping at Ya Show Market. After that, tourists will be brought to Hong Qiao Market

Seventh Day Kuala Lumpur 
From the airport of Tianjin return flight back to Kuala Lumpur.
(Bye Bye China)

Tuh jek kot roughly pe yg kiterorg akan wat kat sane nanti.
20 orang peserta lawatan..
Semoge segalanya berjalan lancar nanti.
Hope semuanya bakala ENJOY!!!! (ala2 nora danish ;p)


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